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Eric Gordon Doesn't Mind Talking About Playing For The Pacers

Eric Gordon dropped by the 1070 The Fan studios today for a little chat with JMV. (Check the podcast)

EJ shared some info on his training and diet (No candy or cake? Bummer.) while staying ready to play during the NBA lockout. He doesn't think the lockout will stall any progress the Clips are making, but hopes they can have a training camp to keep building team chemistry.

After admitting that Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade are the two toughest guards to deal with in the league, EJ talked about trying to tap into some of the Lakers juice in L.A. with an exciting young team.

L.A. is a place where they vibe off the hype. What's the new best thing out there? I'd say we're a pretty hot team out there and we bring out a lot of excitement.

JMV asked about his thoughts on the Clippers when he was growing up which brought a pause and laughter.

Eventually EJ admitted that when he was younger he told his mom there were only two teams he didn't want to play for when he made the NBA -- the Clippers and the Raptors. But now he's in a great situation with the young talent to change the mind set of the past.

Of course, talk turned to playing for the home town Pacers at some point in the future and he did his best not to ruffle any feathers in L.A., blaming George Hill for giving him the hard sell already.

JMV: Ever see or envision you playing in your home market some time down the road?

EJ: You never know in this business. Good players, any player can get shipped off anywhere in the country to any NBA city, so you never know.

JMV: With George Hill here right now, you guys ever had a conversation about hey maybe down the road that would be cool (playing together), have you guys had that back and forth?

EJ: We talked about that before, I mean many times this summer, me and him we've really been hanging around each other a lot this summer and he talks about it all the time.

There seems to be a common perception that EJ would love to play for the Pacers at some point but that's far easier said than done since he's developed into such a solid, young talent. At least, G3 is doing his part to sell the option whenever it arises for Gordon.