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George Hill Won't Play For ABA Team During Lockout, Will Play Exhibition Game

Mike Wells caused a bit of a stir earlier today among a handful of NBA writers starved for some basketball-related content to write (me!) when he tweeted that George Hill signed up to play for a Texas ABA team during the lockout. Of course 140 characters doesn't allow for all of the details, so when you read the fine print you learn that G3 will be playing an exhibition game with the Texas FUEL against the West Texas Whirlwinds in Brownsville, Texas on October 16th.

The FUEL has already exceeded their publicity hopes by signing up Hill for the game with the response their announcement received today. In fact, Hill had to turn to Twitter to clarify the situation once and for all.

Press Release: I'm only playing one game for the Texas Fuel!!! Oct 16.... This is not a long term thing! #caseclosed

The FUEL even slipped G3's name into the roster listed on the website. Max it out, fellas. Hopefully, Hill will have to utilize the out in his agreement due to training camp with the Pacers. #caseclosed