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IC Cold Links: Pacers Hall of Fame History Looking For Recognition

Conrad Brunner at has finished his three-part series looking at the Hall of Fame candidates the Indiana Pacers have to offer coming on the heels of Chris Mullin's induction to the Hall.

Bruno starts with the expected call for Reggie Miller, then looks at the ABA legends that should be considered, and ends the series with a look at Slick Leonard's credentials which have been overlooked for so long that he may never get the call. Even with the new ABA committee finally giving overdue consideration for Hall of Fame recognition, the committee is only adding one cadidate per year, so it will be a long wait for those outstanding Pacers teams from the ABA to get their due.

That call may never come for Slick despite playing on championship team at IU and coaching the best teams in the ABA which included collecting three championships and more wins than any other ABA coach. Personally, I think Slick should be nominated for utilizing the reverse curfew for on of those wild Pacer teams. That's right, after a particular tough loss, Slick once demanded his players stay out on the town at least past 3:00AM.

Check 'em all out, along with a few more links after the jump.