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Reggie Miller Comments On Front Office Chatter With Pacers

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Former Indiana Pacers legend, Reggie Miller addressed the recent reports that Pacers owner Herb Simon had been inquiring about Miller as a possible replacement for Larry Bird when the time comes for Bird to leave the front office.

Miller sent a comment to that reads like it penned by an over-anxious legal rep. I guess this is what they mean by a formal denial.

"After playing my entire 18-year career and spending the better part of my adult life affiliated with the Pacers; I'm honored to be mentioned as someone Mr. Simon, whom I respect a great deal, would consider for such an important role within the organization. I have had no formal discussions or meetings at this time with Mr. Simon or Pacers management."

How about any casual, off-the-cuff discussions? Reads even worse on Twitter, but point taken -- there is nothing to the recent rumors, although he doesn't say he wouldn't listen.