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Simon Says: 'Hoping Larry Stays As Long As He Wants'

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Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon may indeed be interested in adding Reggie MIller to the front office in the future, but he's in no hurry to push current team president, Larry Bird out the door.

Responding to the report last week, Mike Wells reports that Simon's preference would be to keep Bird in charge at the Fieldhouse.

Miller may eventually become president of the Pacers one of these days, but if Simon has his choice at the moment he'd rather have Bird stay in his current position as long as possible.

When asked via email if he or anybody else has talked to people, including Donnie Walsh, to get their thoughts about Miller in the Pacers front office, Simon said, "No...hoping Larry stays as long as he wants."

So Bird and Simon continue to play the self-deprecating tango when discussing Bird's future with the team publicly. Bird always insists he just wants Simon to feel free to make a change whenever he wants, while Simon always indicates the job is Bird's until he decides to step away.

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