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IC Cold Links: Collective Bargaining Session Held Monday: No Closer to Ending Lockout

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There is some good news and some bad news.  Let's start the morning out with some good news.  The NBA Players' Association and the NBA owners held a formal collective bargaining session yesterday.  This was the first of any kind of formal meeting in about a month.  It is a positive sign the two sides are meeting and getting things rolling.  Not much was expected to come out of this meeting, only to simply state their cases again and to attempt to make even slight progress.

The bad news:  The two sides came out of the meeting just as far apart as they were before.  Derek Fisher said, "we are still very, very far apart."  While David Stern stated, " I don't feel optimistic about the players' willingness to engage in a serious way."  Obviously, no progress was made.  Well, at least they can get back at it today or this week....oh, or later this month?  They at least compared schedules to figure out a time to meet again, but with no real urgency at the moment (at least from their end...don't you guys feel the sense of urgency?!) they decided to meet later in the month.  

It's a good sign the two sides want to meet and get things rolling, but they remain very far apart.  Hopefully the two sides can figure things out and give us fans a full season!  After the jump, check out the links of the day...