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Thought Of Reggie Miller In Pacers' Front Office Hard To Digest

I really don't need any more reminders that I'm getting old.

Reggie Miller returning to the Pacers as a general manager or team president? Man, that makes me feel old. I think I'd be more excited about hearing Miller was returning to the Pacers' backcourt instead of the front office. But time makes that impossible, so within that context I've been trying to digest the report yesterday that Herb Simon wants to bring back Donnie Walsh and Reggie Miller to run the team after Larry Bird exits.

Miller's inexperience creates many great unknowns for this idea regardless of how excited you may be about having Reg in a leading role with the Pacers once again. Many of my concerns may be unfounded because Miller's success or failure will depend on the people he has around him feeding information into the decision-making process.

Under Larry Bird, the Pacers have really improved this process over the past couple of years with David Morway handling the details, Ryan Carr running a top-notch scouting department along with one of the brightest, young analytical minds in Kevin Pelton consulting the whole operation with his statistical analysis. Kevin Pritchard adding his perspective this year (hopefully) will add another level of analysis to the mix.

I'd be real anxious about blowing that whole crew up and starting over. Heck, as far hiring a general manager, I'd be more comfortable hiring Morway or Carr at this point than Reggie Miller since I know those guys have been on the grind for years, understand all of the details they need to account for and how to evaluate talent past watching tape of a player.

Advanced statistical analysis has to be part of the equation as well. I don't think that will be a problem, although Zach Lowe raises that point based on Reggie's announcing gig at TNT, mainly because coach Frank Vogel is a stats-friendly coach and really, regardless of Reggie's current knowledge of advanced stats, most of the number are relatively easy to get your head around and really make sense even if you don't always understand the formula that churns out the final numbers.

So consider me very excited to hear about Reggie's possible return to town, but I won't be excited about him taking over the reins of the team until I see the people and plan he puts in place to make it all work.

Even then, I'd still rather see Reggie shooting threes than negotiating roster moves.