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George Hill Feels The Pain Of Being A Regular College Student

A trip to any college bursar's office is painful since the folks there are charged with collecting fees and penalties from college kids who'd much rather pass on paying the bill to bolster their beer and pizza funds. As such, the bursar's office can be ruthless having surely heard every excuse possible to try to avoid full payment of bills. They don't want to hear it, instead they just want you to clear your balance.

Well, George Hill found out what it is like to be a regular college student yesterday when he went back to IUPUI to register for some classes to take during the lockout. G3 tweeted about his problems with the registration process which would require him to pay a $4000 fee he was unaware of before he could take any more classes. Most of the tweets have been deleted, but essentially he was registered for two classes when he left school to enter the NBA draft and those classes were never dropped.

Of course, the bursar's office doesn't care if the athletic advisors screwed up or Hill missed it, they just want the money. By the end of the day, it appears the issues were resolved and Hill is all set to hit the classroom. I have a feeling someone made a call to the registrar to let them know they can take the first $4000 off Hill's next donation to the school.

Also, here's a nice interview with Grady and Big Joe (scroll down to 8/12 podcasts) which includes as little chat about teaming up with buddy Eric Gordon for the Pacers (nasty tease, MG) and Tamika Catchings calling at 3:00AM looking to go to the gym after dreaming about something she wants to work on.