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Larry Bird Verifies Shooting To A Draw With Chris Mullin

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On Tuesday afternoon, Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird joined Jake Query and Derek Schultz on their new afternoon radio show. As you can imagine, Bird didn't say anything of interest with regard to current events surrounding the team and NBA lockout, but he did touch on the past discussing his time in Boston and the Hall of Fame.

Schultz made sure to verify the story about Bird's shooting contest with HOF'er Chris Mullin and his account of the event stacks up pretty close, just differing on the stakes. I'll stick with Mully's memory on that part.

Well we weren't playing for money, just for pride, but you know when I went over there I didn't know if I was going to be play at all because of my back situation, so I wasn't practicing as much as the other guys and a lot of the practices I had to sit out. One day Mully came down and we started shooting together and then someone started talking about who was the best shooter and we started playing and I was down a lot. We played by points and I made the rally, evened it up and walked out.

Plenty more good stuff in the interview so check it out.