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IC Cold Links: Granger Keeping Up With The Humpdashians, International Playing Options And Player Rankings

Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger stars in the links today with an overdue video report from his basketball camp in New Mexico (HT: that includes a dance off and comments about trade rumors and the lockout with DG hoping for some NFL-like sanity to save the season.

Granger was also sharing his social life on Twitter last night, letting us know he enjoyed dinner with Kris Humprhies and Kim Kardashian. Maybe Granger is interviewing free agent power forwards and thinks the Humpdashians should settle down in Indy. More likely that 33 was enjoying some time in the L.A. glamour scene.

After the jump, DG getting worked in a dance off along with more links which include lockout-related news with international playing options opening up for some and drying up for others. Plus, player rankings to help pass some time during the lockout.