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IC Cold Links: David West May Determine Pacers Next Move

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As we've discussed plenty around here the past few months, and Danny Granger mentioned last week, a key to the Indiana Pacers' offseason is bolstering the power forward position.

There aren't a ton of options but among the free agent power forwards, there are players available in large (Nene Hilario), medium (David West) and small (Carl Landry) varieties with respect to the salary commitment the team would need to make.

I actually think the Pacers would be willing to throw the big money needed to land Nene, I just don't think the Pacers will rank very high on his list of preferred places to play and there is a point, with all of these players, where you don't want to overspend to move up the priority list.

David West seems like the most logical fit for the Pacers, a player they'd be willing to pay without a lot of heavy competition. He'd be able to team up with a comfortable pick n' roll partner in Darren Collison while still getting paid despite a knee injury which shortened his last season.

From all accounts, the knee injury is rehabbing well and won't keep him out this season (especially since, you know, the season likely won't start on time, if at all). Any deal with the Pacers would likely hinge on the New Orleans Hornets' ability to match and keep West in the fold. Then it is up to West to determine where he wants to go and with that decision, just what the Pacers will look like when they next play.

If you want a feel-good story about West, this piece by J. Michael Falgoust should do the trick. A few more links after the jump.