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Roy Hibbert Posts Up On Set Of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation'

NBC's wonderful sitcom, Parks and Recreation is set in Pawnee, Indiana which I've always envisioned as a "suburb" of Plymouth (I don't know why), so naturally basketball often weaves its way into the script.

Former Indiana Pacers forward, Detlef Schrempf has also weaved his way into the script and was recently on the set shooting his next appearance for the upcoming season and revealed that current Pacers center, Roy Hibbert was there with him, carving out his own post position on the show. Naturally, Schremp tweeted the news of Roy's recent foray on the small screen (hat tip to ProBasketballTalk).

Lots of fun on the set of Park & Rec. Aziz Anzari & Ben Schwartz are hilarious! Gotta give it up for Roy Hibbert for his first acting gig!

I don't really need another reason to tune in for P&R but Hibbert could be great. I could see him adding some solid deadpan comedy to the mix. He'll also be the envy of Hollywood boys, Danny Granger and Paul George.