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IC Cold Links: Chris Mullin Enshrined in Hall of Fame Today

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Chris Mullin will be officially enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame today, along with Dennis Rodman, Arvydas Sabonis and others.  Mullin is known mostly for this days with the Golden State Warriors, but he brought his leadership, professionalism, and sweet outside stroke to the Pacers as they attempted to turn the corner and win the NBA Championship.  Obviously, his third year they fell short, but made the NBA Finals nonetheless.  Mullin didn't play the minutes he was used to but took advantage of every opportunity he was given, while also tutuoring Jalen Rose...allowing him to come into his own in Indiana.

It is always exciting to see a guy like Chris Mullin get the accreditation he deserves, especially when there is a connection such as this with the Pacers.  Hopefully we can have two former Pacers over the span of two years be enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame (Reggie Miller...should have been this year).

After the jump, check out the links of the day...

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