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Granger, Foster Plan To Keep Pacers Organized During Lockout

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Even as a free agent, Jeff Foster is not giving up his role as Mr. Pacer.

According to Danny Granger, he and Foster are planning to keep the Pacers, or at least those expected to be back, tuned in with one another by organizing workouts as the lockout lingers. Kind of sounds like Foster expects to return to the Pacers, no?

Mike Wells caught up with Granger while he was in town for his basketball camp at Park Tudor. During the Q&A Granger mentioned the workouts.

We've already started talking about it. I spoke with the coaches before the lockout and they gave their views on what we should do. Me and Jeff (Foster) are trying to plan it out so when the season starts we will have been going for a good month. There's not going to be a preseason, probably won't be much of a training camp, either.

During an interview on Fox 59 (can't find a link), Granger mentioned they were considering working out both in Indy and Los Angeles since several players are spending time in L.A. this summer. Hopefully they won't have to have too many ad hoc workouts, but I'm sure they'll have at least some of those workouts in Indy. They could even make some public relations hay for the players' side of the labor problems by opening up some of those workouts for the public.

As Jared Wade mentions, there's a lot of good stuff in the Q&A, including Granger mentioning the obvious need the Pacers have to add a power forward. He ticked off Nene, David West and Carl Landry as the most likely targets depending on how much the Pacers are willing to spend and of course, whether those free agents will want to play in Indy.

At least one free agent, the Pacers' own Jeff Foster, still wants to play in Indy and the Pacers would do well to keep his veteran leadership on the roster.