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IC Cold Links: Jim Boylen's NBA Experience A Plus For Pacers

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I think it is safe to say that Indiana Pacers coach, Frank Vogeldidn't hire assistant coach Jim Boylen for comic relief, despite the chortle-worthy youtube clips he starred in while coaching at Utah. 

Nope, Vogel is more interested in the experienced NBA assistant who went through the process of preparing two NBA championship teams while on the bench with the Houston Rockets. Boylen is now officially a Pacers coach having been profiled by Conrad Brunner and spen time on The Crate.

The personality seems to have survived through the rough times in Utah and that experience in the lead chair should enhance his work as an assistant, providing information and advice to fuel Vogel's decision-making process.

After the jump, a few more links of interest including stories on the NBA labor meetings scheduled for today. No miracles are expected but both sides sitting at the table is progress, so we'll take what we can get at this point.