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Wells: Pacers Set To Hire Former Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard

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Mike Wells stirred things up this morning (thanks for FanShot SpaceCowboy1984) sending a couple of tweets to report that the Indian Pacers are in the process of hiring Kevin Pritchard to join the front office working under president Larry Bird and GM David Morway.

Pritchard spent extensive time with the team last season which Bird only commented on by quipping he looked for advice from a lot of different people and that Pritchard was his west coast adviser. From first blush it appears Pritchard's presence allows Bird to begin easing his way out of the front office after returning this summer at the request of owner Herb Simon.

The main question at this point is how will Morway and Pritchard work together? Which one will assume the role as team president with the final say in personnel matters? Can't imagine Pritchard would join the Pacers without assuming he'd be the top decision-maker once Bird steps away?

Questions, questions, questions. While waiting for some answers, here's a story on a recent extensive interview Pritchard gave on his tenure in Portland and the decision to draft Greg Oden.

UPDATE: According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Pritchard will be the Director of Player Personnel.