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IC Cold Links: Players Leaving for Europe?

As you have probably heard, Deron Williams has said he would leave and play for Europe if the NBA lockout continued for an extended period of time.  Williams is young and has an opt-out option in his contract after next year, so he may be more willing to take the chance of getting injured and having his contract voided (as NBA teams would have the option to do).  However, would other players be willing to take such a big risk?  No news has come out about any Indiana Pacers leaving for Europe, although I did see a tweet by Paul George saying he signed to play overseas....however, he quickly retweeted and said he was just kidding...phew!

Will going to play overseas pan out for Williams?  And, will this become a trend for many more players in the NBA during the lockout?  After the jump, check out the links of the day...