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IC Cold Links: Jim Boylen Considered For Spot Coaching Staff With Pacers

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According to Mike Wells, Frank Vogel interviewed former University of Utah coach Jim Boylen for the final assistant coaching position with the Indiana Pacers. Boylen would join Brian Shaw and Dan Burke on Vogel's staff and would make a solid addition.

Boylen was an assistant coach in the NBA for 13 years including 11 years with the Houston Rockets where he was a part of two NBA championship teams. He also has a good reputation for coaching big men having worked with Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming with the Rockets.

There were reports a couple of weeks ago that Boylen was going to join Mike Brown's staff with the Los Angeles Lakers but apparently he is still available. An assistant coaching job with the Pacers may be more attractive anyway considering the limited number of coaches will expand the opportunities and responsibilities for the assistants.

After the jump, plenty of links with stories on Vogel's hiring and other NBA lockout and free agency news.