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Indiana Pacers To Officially Name Frank Vogel Head Coach

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The Indiana Pacers announced today that team president Larry Bird and interim actually unemployed coach, Frank Vogel will attend a Fieldhouse press conference tomorrow at 11:00AM.

According to Mike Wells, Vogel  will be announced as the Pacers head coach with a two-year contract that includes a team option for a third year.  As I mentioned yesterday, this hiring is no surprise as it appears Vogel has been getting things done at the Fieldhouse this summer in addition to filling out his coaching staff, as opposed to twisting in the wind.

So the big news tomorrow will be which assistant coach will join current assistant Dan Burke and assumed lead assistant Brian Shaw on the staff.

In retrospect, I strongly endorse the timing of Coach Vogel's official hiring considering the absolute dearth of non-NBA lockout news to ponder now that we're in July. Thanks, Larry!