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IC Cold Links: Happy Fourth of July During Sad NBA Lockout

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Happy Fourth of July to one and all! Hope you have some time to enjoy a little summer fun today.

I've been off the grid for a few days, spending much of that time at the Field of Dreams baseball complex in Noblesville where Cornrows, Jr. and his 9U Bombers won their third tournament championship of the summer after winning three games just yesterday. Tons of fun!

The sad thing about the NBA lockout is that I was essentially incommunicado with the NBA world for almost three days and I see this morning that I missed nothing. There are a few stories of interest however, dutifully linked after the jump.

Among those stories is the announcement that Chuck Person is returning to help coach the Lakers with Mike Brown. This raises the one piece of news the Pacers can still break, that being the hiring of Frank Vogel. I mean, from several reports of run-ins with Vogel at the Fieldhouse, it sounds like he's basically already on the job. Not exactly twisting in the wind, as it has been portrayed.

Also, Mike Wells touches on the players and how they will prepare and try to stay on the same page during the lockout.