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IC Cold Links: Is Roy Hibbert Overrated?

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As I was going through articles from all around the league....not much out there right now!!....I came across ESPN's articles regarding the top player at each position.  Recently the center position was covered, and, as expected, Dwight Howard was picked unanimously as the league's best center.  It would be a hard argument against that.  However, one "panelist" chose Roy Hibbert as the most overrated.  Hibbert works just as hard or hard than anyone in the offseason, and I look forward to seeing his growth next year (gulp, if there is a next year).  However, do you guys think Hibbert was even mentioned enough or even ever portrayed more than he was/is?  I believe people are and have been excited about his growth and where he could be, but I don't know that his ability or impact he can and will have on the Pacers has ever been overblown.  Do you think he is overrated??

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