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Reggie Miller Still Impresses Vikings Adrian Peterson

The latest issue ESPN The Magazine has a nice little article by Sam Alipour detailing a surprise meeting between Minnesota Vikings beast running back Adrian Peterson and his long-time hero, Reggie Miller. The former Pacers legend always reminded Peterson of his older brother who was tragically killed when the two were young boys and Reg's success helped AP cope with that loss through the years.

Once Peterson overcame the shock of meeting Miller for the first time, it wasn't long before the two athletes were looking to compete.

With that, they sprint to the nearby court, where Peterson attempts to impress Miller with a series of dribble-drives. "You gotta develop your left hand," he tells Peterson after swatting away his jumper. "Let me show you how it's done." Then the sharpshooter unloads his arsenal of J's before subjecting the Viking to the mother of all hardcourt insults: With AP in a defensive crouch, Miller squares up at the elbow, bounces the ball between Peterson's legs and burns the dumbfounded running back for a layup.