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Matt Howard Signs To Play For Olympiacos In Greece

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Good day for local hoop heroes.

Butler and Connersville star, Matt Howard has signed a deal to play for pay with Olympiacos in Greece this coming season, according to this report. Howard went undrafted by the NBA in June but with the lockout in place is now set to make some money before most of those players picked in the draft. It also presents a great opportunity for Howard to prove his worth at another level.

"It is a big decision for me but coming to a team with such great tradition as Olympiacos was easy. Players like Josh Childress and Rasho Nesterovic were here, so I know this one of the best teams in Europe and always has high goals," Howard said. "When you go to the next level, you have to prove you belong. I come to Olympiacos to help and learn from my teammates and our legendary coach."