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E'Twaun Moore Set To Begin Pro Career In Italy

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Former Purdue and East Chicago star, E'Twuan Moore has reportedly signed a deal to start his professional basketball career in Italy with Benneton in Treviso.

The crafty guard who won a state title at East Chicago, in a fabulous game against an Eric Gordon-led North Central team, before going on to Purdue, was a second round pick by the Boston Celtics in the NBA draft earlier this summer.

The Benneton announcement does not include any information on whether or not Moore has an NBA out clause should the NBA lockout be resolved, but it sounds like that is part of Moore's plan.

Moore has flirted with multiple teams in Europe over the last couple of weeks, but Benetton in Treviso is the team that finally netted him. There's no mention of an NBA out clause in the team's official release, but reports said that was something Moore was trying to get if he was going to take his talents to Europe so he could compete for a roster spot whenever the lockout is complete.

So if there is no out clause, at least Moore will be paid well while continuing to develop his game in Europe. The C's still have his rights and probably wouldn't mind seeing Smooge get plenty of run in a competitive league on someone else's dime.

UPDATE: According to this report, Moore's deal does include and opt out clause allowing him to return for his shot with the Celtics if the lockout ends during the season.