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IC Cold Links: Coach Vogel's Best Attribute, Iverson Wants Back

As the slow times continue to roll, I wanted to look into what Coach Frank Vogel's best attribute is.  As I was thinking about whether he is an X and O's wiz, whether he can relate to the players better than anyone or whether he was a situational coach, I began to realize one of his best attributes may have simply been his willingness to adapt.  Obviously, any coach needs to know the game, but I believe Coach Vogel's willingness to adapt to the players he had proved to be the turning point of last season.

Former coach Jim O'Brien, as we all witnessed, stuck to his style regardless of the players he had.  You could see a few changes prior to him being fired, but it seemed to be more pressure from above than anything.  His unwillingness to put Hibbert on the block or play some of the younger guys (which were a strength) showed his stubbornness.  Vogel still has a lot to prove as a coach, but I am excited about the opportunity to see this team grow with experience and new players knowing that Vogel can adapt to what he is given and not too stubborn to change his ways.

His strengths are across the board, but what do you guys see as his best asset to the Indiana Pacers?  Also, no surprise (it was inevitable), but Allen Iverson wants back in the NBA.  Would anyone take a chance on him knowing what has happened at his last few stops?  He probably still has the physical tools to make a solid impact on a, but is he worth the risk?

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