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Frank Vogel's Spinning Ball Tricks Continue To Amaze

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Frank Vogel amazed a national television audience as a 13-year-old by spinning a basketball on the end of a toothbrush and then brushing his teeth on "Late Night with David Letterman." Shortly after his hiring a couple of weeks ago, Vogel showed he still has it during a fun appearance on the Bob and Tom Show when the crew rounded up a toothbrush and basketball to put him to the test.

Apparently Vogel can use any small implement to spin a basketball while completing everyday tasks. In a nice, wide-ranging interview for the Indiana Buisiness Journal's "Leading Questions" series, Vogel not only explains his rapid rise to being a head coach in the NBA, but also shows off his ball spinning skills by holding the spinning ball on the end of a pen and then signing his name.

The second video in the story shows the ball trick in the opening sequence. I wonder if Vogel will continue to raise the bar. If he's taking requests, I think the ultimate challenge would be eating some General Tso's chicken with the ball spinning on the end of his chopsticks.

Any other ideas?