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IC Cold Links: Pacers Should Not Play Overseas

The Indiana Pacers are facing decisions coming up as many NBA players commit to playing overseas if the NBA lockout continues into the season.  No one on the Pacers has said much, if anything, regarding their stance or inclination to head abroad.  This is a good sign, as it seems like just about everyone else has their opinion or is "close" to signing overseas.

The players see the few positives: mainly, making some money, getting a chance to play competitive basketball, and growing the "brand".

These few positives could be an ideal situation for a number of players, although there are too many negatives that could potentially ruin their future NBA careers.  As we all know, NBA contracts can be voided if a player is hurt overseas.  This alone should deter anyone with multiple years from thinking about traveling overseas.  Although a player like Deron Williams would make a decent paycheck, not too many players would make enough to make the chance of a voided NBA contract worthwhile.  After the jump, check out what other negatives are out there, specifically pertaining to the Pacers....

No one currently on the Pacers should make the jump overseas.  From a team perspective, this is a young core group that needs to grow together and become even more familiar with eachothers' games.  Abroad, the players would be playing on new teams and in a completely different style.  As Josh Childress mentions (link below), there are a number of issues players could potentially not fully understand that could prove harmful.  As young as the Pacers are, the potential to make a good amount of money could seem too good to be true...and it could end up being.  Check out the link below regarding the Turkish team that signed Williams, has their bank account frozen.  Check out Childress' full interview and more links from the past couple days...