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IC Cold Links: Pacers Stay In News During Lockout

The Indiana Pacers have done a pretty good job of drawing attention during this dormant offseason July during the NBA lockout.

Last week they announce the hiring of coach Frank Vogel and then a few days later surprised NBA observers by announcing that Kevin Pritchard was hired as the director of player personnel. This week the Pacers expect to announce the remainder of Vogel's coaching staff with Brian Shaw and Jim Boylen joining Dan Burke.

It doesn't translate directly to wins or losses, but team's perception has changed drastically. I've read and/or heard several national NBA media members offer their favorable impressions on the Pacers current situation and what they've been up to recently as a franchise. Perception is often reality and at a time when the Pacers are trying to interest good players into joining the blue and gold, starting with a favorable impression won't hurt.

After the jump, a few links of interest from over the weeken, including a story from Ken Berger on Pritchard still being an option for GM jobs with other teams. This makes sense, obviously Brian Shaw would jump to a head coaching gig if offered, but early reports  seemed to indicate surprise that the Pritchard wasn't holding out for a shot at the Knicks' GM job. Who knows? Maybe he's trying to pressure the Knicks at this point.