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IC Cold Links: NBA Lockout is Upon Us...How Long Will It Last?

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The NBA lockout is officially upon us. There will be no free agency, trades or summer league. From what it sounds like, there is no end in sight. While the NBA is seeing overall praise and increase in fan base over the last few years, a number of teams are not seeing black on their books as they should. Let's hope for our sake, as fans, that we don't see a shortened season as we did just over 10 years ago. It's nice knowing the Indiana Pacers should come out with money to spend and in a positive position regardless of the outcome. However, the momentum they have now will surely have to find a way to pick back up when the lockout is over.

So, with the lockout in full go, who do you guys see as responsible? There are issues on both sides that I believe could be considered greedy, but which side are you guys on? Let's hear all the positions! After the jump, check out the links of the day...