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IC Cold Links: Mavs Tie Up Series, Marshon Brooks Impresses

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Thank you Dallas Mavericks! I hate to root against any specific team, but I can't help myself with this Miami HEAT team. If they were to win an NBA Championship their first year, it is going to be tough to knock them off the pedestal for a few years as they will only get better. Not saying it couldn't happen or won't happen, just stating that it will be a tough ride!

As the Heat and Mavericks try to capture the NBA Championship, the Indiana Pacers (and others) are trying to find that gem of a prospect. Klay Thompson has been talked about quite a bit for the Pacers at 15, but it sounds as though Marshon Brooks stole the show yesterday. He would fill that "scorer" we need. That guy that can give that sudden burst and drop in 18-20 in a heartbeat. Also, sounds like he plays a bit on the defensive end as well! After the jump, check out the links of the day...