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Josh McRoberts: Unemployed, Willing To Spread Mulch To Make Ends Meet

Last week, Josh McRoberts joined JMV on 1070 The Fan for a fun and lively conversation touching on his current status as a free agent facing an NBA lockout this summer.

After discussing a great local cause he's supporting, McRoberts touched on not getting his money's worth against Joakim Noah and what he's doing this summer with so many unknowns in his life. With some extra time on his hands, Josh did offer up his services for yard work.

JMV: What's the summertime entail for one Josh McRoberts. What are you going to be up to.

JMac: Well, I got my mulch done last weekend.

JMV: Excellent! Congratulations.

JMac: Now I gotta get the yard kinda fixed up. There's a lot of weeds out here, I'll be honest with you, it looks pretty trashy, so I gotta makes some moves around the house.

JMV: So you're pulling weeds, huh?'

JMac: Yeah, tallest weed puller out. But the mulch is pretty good so anyone who drives past and wants to hire me out, I am unemployed like I said earlier, so we can get out there with my team and we'll be ready to go.

 Listen to the whole interview here.