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IC Cold Links: NBA Finals All Tied Up, More Draft Prospects Today, and Area 55 Will Be Back!

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A lot has been going on this week, including a solid NBA Finals so far, NBA draft prospects flowing through Indianapolis for workouts, Coach Frank Vogel seems to continue to position himself in the driver's seat and big Roy Hibbert will have his section back next year, Area 55!

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and the Miami HEAT have dominated the series for the most part so far in the NBA Finals.  However, as the Indiana Pacers showed in the first few games against the Chicago Bulls, only the final score matters.  The series is all tied up as Dirk Nowitzki led a frantic comeback last night to tie up the series.  This could (hopefully) change the momentum the HEAT were building in favor of the Dallas Mavericks as the series heads back to Texas.

This has been a busy week for the NBA draft prospects in Indianapolis.  Today there is another group of players trying to make an impression on the Pacers.  This group is highlighted by Texas' Jordan Hamilton.  He and Pitt's Gilbert Brown will go up against eachother, while the rest are bigs all projecting to the PF position in the NBA.  It's exciting to think what holes can continue to be filled by some of these young prospects.

Looks like Big Roy will have his Area 55 squad back next year!  Check out the link below to see how you can submit your videos.  Area 55, you guys were great last year!  I look forward to being back at the games next year with Area 55 going at it and a few more fans (hopefully) filling the empty seats next year.

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