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IC Cold Links: NBA Draft Dust Settles

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The NBA Draft has now come and gone.  Teams are just beginning to figure out who they are, what their new players can do for them, and for some teams, who their head coach will be.  There has been no indication Coach Frank Vogel will not be the head coach, but there also is nothing completely set in stone.  Brian Shaw is a huge upgrade for the Pacers' bench, and it gets me excited just talking about the impact he will have.  When the Pacers staff finally clears up, they will look to see how Hill can best be used and then incorporate any new faces into this young team.

The Pacers have an interesting group now, with Hill coming aboard.  They could easily trade one of their guards (Brandon Rush comes to mind), and are probably still looking at an upgrade(s) in the front court.  The focus for a while will be getting the labor mess all figured out so teams can make this free agency period a fun one (especially for us Pacers fans!).  Once the labor deal gets worked out (I will stay optimistic and hope for a short lockout until I am told the glass is half empty), it should be a fun summer and an even more exciting fall and winter...  

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