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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need All They Can Get Out Of "Indiana George"

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After the 2008 NBA Draft, George Hill left Indianapolis for San Antonio best known for the prolific scoring prowess he routinely put on display at Broad Ripple High and IUPUI. Now three years into his budding NBA career, Hill returns home known more for his defense and team play, a reluctant scorer willing to defer to veteran teammates.

The stories coming out of San Antonio lamenting the loss of a popular player (wow, they loved them some George Hill) all include mentions of Gregg Popovich and the Spurs pushing Hill to tap into the scoring burst which delivered 29 points in a win over Houston or 30 points in a loss to Memphis late in the season.

Coach Pop tagged Hill's offensive attack alter ego, "Indiana George" imploring the guard to get back to his roots and use that offensive ability.

Begging George Hill to shoot seems unfathomable as I think back to his high school days when he poured in points with ease. I recall watching him play a sectional game at Carmel one night, when the team he was playing employed a triangle and two defense, except the two man-to-man defenders were both assigned to Hill. He shot a lot of free throws that night but still scored in the high 20s.

The Indiana Pacers need every ounce of "Indiana George"  to show up as he assumes a completely different role with his new team. No longer looking up and deferring to veterans, Hill will be looked to for leadership and some of that scoring ability we've seen so much in the past.

After the jump, plenty of links with stories about Hill's bittersweet departure from the Spurs along with more on the draft including Minnesota's David Kahn messing up a late pick.