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2011 NBA Draft: The Indiana Pacers Select Kawhi Leonard with the 15th Pick, Trade Him to San Antonio for George Hill

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The wait was excruciating, but the pick was finally made by the Indiana Pacers. The selection? Kawhi Leonard from San Diego State. But as soon as it took fans to warm up to the cornrow'd forward with a 7'1" wingspan and rebounding skills, rumors began to swirl that the pick was being shipped to San Antonio for Broad Ripple and IUPUI product George Hill.

When the dust settled, the Pacers would reportedly be shipping Leonard, as well as the 42nd pick and the rights to Erazem Lorbek to the Spurs for the solid third year guard George Hill. The move will provide the Pacers with much needed depth at the guard position. Hill has averaged in double figures off of San Antonio's bench.

Expect far more coverage on this trade as the night progresses, but in the meantime, welcome home, George Hill!