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NBA Draft Day Open Thread: Latest NBA Mock Drafts Show Intersting Scenarios For Pacers

The NBA Draft is now mere hours away and the potential scenarios for the Indiana Pacers pick at #15 continue to expand.

Chad Ford's mock drafts have had the Pacers taking Jimmer Fredette, but his final version today (insider) has Fredette going to Utah and the Pacers taking Markieff Morris which seems like the safest and most likely pick the Pacers could make. If not Morris, a scorer like Marshon Brooks would be an option.

The key is which players will fall further down the draft board than anticipated. Two guys I'd love the Pacers to take are Chris Singleton (defensive-minded big man) or Alex Burks (young, scoring option) and in Ford's mock, both players would be available. There is also buzz that Kemba Walker may drop if the Sacramento Kings don't take him at #7. Walker would be a valuable pick for the Pacers if he fell to them as projects.

San Antonio and Houston are two teams generating the most trade buzz as far as wanting to move up. Minnesota has rumored deals with about every team and will likely determine how things eventually play out.

Plenty of stories to follow as we work toward the draft which starts on ESPN at 7:00PM (well, the actual picks start around 7:30PM). Share your thoughts on the latest buzz and any rumors as they pop up throughout the day in the comments.