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IC Cold Links: NBA Draft: Who Will be the Newest Pacers Player(s)?

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Happy NBA Draft Day, everyone!  Should be a very exciting day full of hearing rumors, determining the validity of the rumors and then eventually determining what draft picks will be wearing an Indiana Pacers uniform next year.  There isn't anything new on the rumor mill regarding the Pacers quite yet, but it's simply only matter of time.

There has been a lot of talk about who are untouchables....are there any players currently on the Pacers roster you would absolutely not want to be a part of a realistic trade?  I like the fact that Larry Bird wouldn't commit this time to untouchable players, should make for a wide range of rumors today!

There are NBA Draft trade rumors swirling for other teams already.  Apparently, the San Antonio Spurs may be dangling former Broad Ripple Rocket, George Hill, while not actually making Tony Parker available...

Plenty of links today!  Check them out after the jump, the rumors will be starting and continue to check out Indy Cornrows throughout the day to see what's happening and what has momentum to it...