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IC Cold Links: Rush, Hibbert, Picks Involved with Rumors as NBA Draft Eve is Here

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As pointed out yesterday, the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks are discussing a Brandon Rush + 15th pick for the Bucks' pick at 10.  There could be fillers or others involved in that rumor, but at this's a rumor.  Hibbert has been involved in trade rumors for a slightly higher pick, the Minnesota Timberwolve's pick at #2.  However, Larry Bird shot this down very quickly in his interviews yesterday (see link below for complete interviews).

There will be a dozen or so other rumors that circulate and some will have some momentum and others may just be ideas thrown out there.  We will try to keep things up to date and continue to update Indycornrows with rumors/news.  Great job on the fanposts with updating on current rumblings going on!  Should be an exciting 35 hours or so!

After the jump, check out the links of the day, including rumors of the San Antonio Spurs looking into trading Tony Parker...