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IC Cold Links: Larry Bird To Talk NBA Draft Today; Roy Hibbert To Minnesota Trade Offer Reported

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With the NBA Draft set for Thursday evening, the speculation, rumors and innuendo are flying around in full force for the Indiana Pacers.

Since the Pacers have the flexibility to deal with anyone and they are looking to address several needs this summer, it's not surprising to see rumors pop up considering they are likely working through offers with several teams. Adrian Wojnarowski slipped an eye opener into his column today mentioning that the Pacers were offering Minnesota a package that included Roy Hibbertand the 15th pick for the 2nd overall pick. Of course, the Timberwolves are likely fielding offers for that pick from nearly every team at this point, but it does show that the Pacers are willing to part with anyone on the roster.

Pacers pres, Larry Bird will meet with the media at 11:00AM this morning in his usual pre-draft presser that dances around any substantive information and more likely tries to insert some misinformation. will have Bird first though, with an exclusive interview live streamed at 10:30AM.

After the jump, a few links of interest including stories on the important CBA meetings taking place today.