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NBA Mock Draft Consensus Leaning Marshon Brooks, Jimmer Fredette for Pacers as Draft Night Approaches

With the NBA Draft just three days away, Larry Bird has appeared to narrow his search down to three names, where he claims there will be someone there. But narrowing down those names is far from easy, especially with the Pacers picking 15th.

However, four of the following mock drafts, from SB Nation's own Tom Ziller to both and DraftExpress, are predicting Providence G Marshon Brooks to end up in Indianapolis next season, citing Brooks's ability to score the ball as an instrumental piece for the young Pacers, who lacked scoring down the stretch in the playoffs.

Elsewhere, Chad Ford and David Aldridge have each pegged BYU superstar Jimmer Fredette to become the missing piece for a growing Pacers team, also lending his shooting touch as a big reason. But while the names may vary, the consensus seems to be that the Pacers needs the most gifted scorer than can find at 15, leading for an interesting draft night this coming Thursday.

So what do you say? Brooks? Jimmer? Should the Pacers look elsewhere? Who is your pick just days from the 2011 NBA Draft?