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IC Cold Links: Vogel, Bird Discuss Assistant Coaches...If

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Larry Bird didnt' want Frank Vogel invovled with pre-draft workouts to avoid assumptions among other coaching candidates that Vogel was the head-coach-in-waiting for the Pacers. That must no longer be a concern for Bird.

According to Mike Wells, Bird and Vogel met yesterday to discuss the job and among the topics was Bird's desire to enhance the assistant coaching staff, presumably to add more NBA experience to the bench (Thanks to IndyPacers for the FanPost with thoughts on potential assistant coaches). This makes sense especially when you consider that Walter McCarty and Vitaly Potapenko were just getting their feet wet in the NBA coaching game under Jim O'Brien.

So IF Vogel is named head coach...wait a minute. Can we end this coaching search charade? Announce Vogel's hiring, let him be involved in the draft process and move on.

Wells also reported that after the meeting Vogel notified Jay DeFruscio, Walter McCarty and Vitaly Potapenko that they won't be part of the staff if he's the Pacers coach next season. There's that "if" again. IF it isn't happening then why go through with the salty process of telling your assistants that they should start looking for other work?

Dan Burke, who is running the pre-draft workouts, will remain on the Pacers staff as he has through other coaching changes in the past.

A few more links after the jump, including draft prospect interviews from the Fieldhouse yesterday along with news that Ricky Rubio has signed a deal to play with Minnesota.