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Pacers' Draft Possibilities: Marcus Morris

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With the Draft Lottery complete, the Early Entry List set, and the NBA Draft fast approaching, it's time to examine more in depth some of the players who could be available for the Pacers. Over the next few weeks I'll be trying to put together as many profiles as possible. Instead of identifying players as specific targets for either Pacers' pick, I'm just going to cover a pool of players I think are possibilities. You'll find some players who the Pacers would likely have to trade up or down for. I've also expressed my opinion that the Pacers need to be focused on talent as much as fit so players at all five positions will be included.

These profiles are not intended to advocate for one player over another, just examine their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss in some detail what they have to offer. For each profile I provided Ten Important Statistics to guide the discussion. Today we'll be looking at:

Marcus Morris - PF - 6'8.75" 230 lbs. - University of Kansas

Ten Important Stats - Marcus Morris






















Current DraftExpress Projection: Round 1, Pick #10


  • Efficient and versatile scorer, can post-up, knock down a mid-range jumpshot, or face-up and beat his man off the dribble
  • Excellent touch around the rim
  • Good shot selection, knows when to move the ball, doesn't turn it over very often
  • Shows good effort and intensity on the defensive end, has the footspeed to be an adequate pick-and-roll defender


  • Does not have ideal height or length for a power forward
  • Will need to add some strength to compete on the interior in the NBA
  • A very average rebounder, limited by strength and length
  • Could add range on his jumpshot


With the increasingly diverse roles power forwards play at the NBA level, Morris offers intriguing potential due to how complete a player he is at this juncture. While he could certainly stand to get stronger, is a bit undersized for the four position, has a short wingspan, and is not a freak athlete, he has the potential to play a David West-type role in if he continues to polish his game offensive and works on his weaknesses. That would be especially true if he's able to complement a dominant interior scorer such as Al Jefferson from the high-post or perimeter, or provide a prolific offensive punch off a team's bench a la Al Harrington.

- Matt Kamalsky,

How he can help the Pacers:

Morris has a very developed skill set and could likely contribute right away for the Pacers. He has a polished offensive game, something the Pacers need, and could provide that scoring punch as a starter or off the bench. There may be some concerns about his game duplicating that of Tyler Hansbrough. He was an effective post scorer in college but it may take time to translate that part of his game against bigger and stronger competition. His face-up and mid-range game are very similar to what the Pacers already get from Hansbrough. Morris also appears to share the same rebounding and defensive deficiencies. However, if he falls to the Pacers at #15 he will likely be the most talented player left on the board. Morris may not perfectly fill a need, but he's ready to contribute right away and could provide as much overall production as the Pacers' can hope to find in this draft.


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