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Pacers' Draft Possibilities: Jordan Hamilton

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With the Draft Lottery complete, the Early Entry List set, and the NBA Draft fast approaching, it's time to examine more in depth some of the players who could be available for the Pacers. Over the next few weeks I'll be trying to put together as many profiles as possible. Instead of identifying players as specific targets for either Pacers' pick, I'm just going to cover a pool of players I think are possibilities. You'll find some players who the Pacers would likely have to trade up or down for. I've also expressed my opinion that the Pacers need to be focused on talent as much as fit so players at all five positions will be included.

These profiles are not intended to advocate for one player over another, just examine their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss in some detail what they have to offer. For each profile I provided Ten Important Statistics to guide the discussion. Today we'll be looking at:

Jordan Hamilton - SF - 6'8.5" 228 lbs. - University of Texas

Ten Important Stats - Jordan Hamilton






















Current DraftExpress Projection: Round 1, Pick #14


  • Has protypical size and strength for an NBA small forward
  • Possesses all the tools to be a terrific perimeter scorer, excellent shooter, does a good job working off the ball to find open shots, developing penetration game
  • Solid mid-range game
  • Capable of making difficult shots around the rim
  • Excellent rebounder for a small forward


  • Does not always make good decisions with the basketball, has a tendency to force the action and attempt some questionable shots
  • Prone to tunnel vision on offense, doesn't do a great job of finding open teammates
  • Poor defensive fundamentals and intensity


Even though he has the offensive skills to operate as a shooting guard in the NBA, his defensive shortcomings could very well push him to the 3, where he isn't quite as dangerous a mismatch.

All in all, Hamilton is clearly a big time offensive talent with a game that is probably better suited for the more wide-open style of the NBA. The superior spacing and faster pace of the professional game will make his shooting and overall scoring ability stand out even more. If he wants to reach his full potential, though, he must improve his mentality on both ends of the floor. 

- Jonathan Givony,

How he can help the Pacers:

One hand Jordan Hamilton has the potential to be the premier perimeter scorer the Pacers’ have been missing the past few years. On the other hand his offensive skill set appears very similar to Danny Granger’s. His most potent weapon is his jumpshot. He’s a little less efficient creating his own offense. He’s also prone to defensive lapses. In addition, the Pacers’ already have a crowded wing rotation between Granger, Paul George, Lance Stephenson and Dahntay Jones. As I see it, the only way Hamilton makes sense is if the Pacers are going to trade Granger or if they see something in his workout which leads them to believe his offensive ceiling is even higher than it appears to be. I can’t rule out either of those possibilities, and thus, it would be premature to rule out Jordan Hamilton.


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