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Pacers' Draft Possibilities: Jimmer Fredette

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With the Draft Lottery complete, the Early Entry List set, and the NBA Draft fast approaching, it's time to examine more in depth some of the players who could be available for the Pacers. Over the next few weeks I'll be trying to put together as many profiles as possible. Instead of identifying players as specific targets for either Pacers' pick, I'm just going to cover a pool of players I think are possibilities. You'll find some players who the Pacers would likely have to trade up or down for. I've also expressed my opinion that the Pacers need to be focused on talent as much as fit so players at all five positions will be included.

These profiles are not intended to advocate for one player over another, just examine their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss in some detail what they have to offer. For each profile I provided Ten Important Statistics to guide the discussion. Today we'll be looking at:

Jimmer Fredette - PG - 6'2.5"  196 lbs. - Brigham Young University

Ten Important Stats - Jimmer Fredette





















Current DraftExpress Projection: Round 1, Pick #19


  • Dead-eye jumpshooter with unlimited range, equally as effective off the dribble as in catch and shoot situations
  • Adept at creating scoring opportunities for himself, all over the floor
  • Can get to the rim and finish or draw a foul, as well as pull up for a mid-range jumper
  • His showing in the athletic tests at the combine was surprisingly impressive


  • As a point guard, he hasn't consistently shown the ability or inclination to create scoring opportunities for his teammates
  • Decision making can be questionable, both in terms of passing and shot selection
  • Played very little defense in college, plenty of questions about his abilities and intensity at this end of the floor
  • May have to adjust to a lower usage role on offense


With all this in mind, one of the biggest factors in determining the type of success Fredette will have in the NBA is the team he ends up on. In a fast-paced offense predicated on getting shots early in the shot-clock and a coach willing to live with defensive lapses, Fredette will be an incredible weapon. Put him in the wrong system, though, with a team that likes to grind it out and a coach who demands perfection on every defensive possession and we could be looking at a disaster.

-Jonathan Givony,
Hickory-High Comparables:
How he can help the Pacers:

Fredette is one of the few backcourt players available in this draft who has shown the ability to create his own offense on a consistent and efficient basis. This was a quality lacking from last year's roster, a fact which was painfully demonstrated in the playoff series against the Bulls. Fredette could excel as a back-up to Darren Collison, providing instant offense of the bench. There are questions about his defensive ability and players who surround him in the second unit would have to be strong defenders. However, he seems like one of the few players who could, at least partially, fill the Pacers biggest hole on offense. One of the huge downsides of drafting Fredette, unique to Indiana, would be the endless "Bird and the Pacers draft another white guy" stories. I for one am willing to put up with that nonsense if the front office really believes he is the best player available to them in this draft.


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