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IC Cold Links: Butler's Mack Stays On NBA Draft Early Entry List Ending Career At Butler

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On the surface, Shelvin Mack leaving Butler early to take his shot at the NBA seems like a short-sighted decision.

Mack is projected as a second-round pick at best which would leave him with no guarantees for a roster spot, let alone NBA money for giving up his senior season with the Bulldogs. Then there's the NBA labor issues that threaten to delay next season and along with it Mack's first pay day, should his best-case scenario play out.

Flipping the story sideways to look at it from a different angle though, there are elements to the story that we don't know which could make Mack's decision more sensible. First and foremost, Mack is no dummy so he's surely weighed his options and waded through the worst-case scenarios. Also, those NBA labor issues may actually work in Mack's favor by thinning the draft list to keep his name on the draft board of more teams.

Finally, he worked out in Oklahoma City last week and has surely heard some feedback which may have encouraged him to stay in the draft. Mack played against elite competition last summer and continues measuring himself against his peers. He knows what he's getting into, so while I would personally like to see him play at Hinkle next year for selfish reason, I can only wish him the best and look forward to seeing him in the NBA.

After the jump, a few links with more stories on the draft and the NBA playoffs, including Rick Carlisle's Dallas Mavericks bringing the L.A. Lakers' season to an embarrassing close.

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