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IC Cold Links: Herb Simon Is Checking His Options

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There has been a lot of coverage of the Indiana Pacers searching for their best front office options, whether internal or external.  I for one love the fact that Herb Simon and the Pacers are making sure they are going to land the best man for the job next year and into the future.  I am happy with Larry Bird and would have no problem seeing him return with Frank Vogel and David Morway.  However, it doesn't hurt to make sure they have the best man, right?  And how long will Bird really be around the Pacers if he continues into next year?

Bob Kravitz wrote an article in response to Larry Bird opening up regarding his worries with Herb Simon opening up his wallet.  So, maybe Simon took offense and is looking to send a message?  His history shows this isn't the case.  I think the news of the Pacers looking around shows Simon only wants the best and just wants to see who that person (people) is.  I commend the Pacers for not standing pat.  Might as well doing a little research and continue to move this franchise in the best direction...

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