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Jimmer Fredette Headlines Interesting Group Of NBA Draft Prospects Working Out For Pacers

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The Indiana Pacers host another round of draft prospects at Conseco Fieldhouse on Tuesday for an up close and personal workout.

BYU's Jimmer Fredette took home most of the big college player of the year awards last year and is now trying to prove he can bring his seemingly limitless shooting range to the big stage of the NBA. The Pacers are among several teams impressed by Fredette's showing in the NBA combine and early workouts where he's trying to prove he can play a role in the NBA even though he's not a true point guard despite his 6'3" size.

But Fredette is just one of a number of interesting prospects expected at the Fieldhouse. Duke's Nolan Smith is more point guard than Fredette and had a solid college career himself. Marcus Morris from Kansas and Vernon Macklin from Florida are two big men with plenty of college experience. Along with their college body of work, their actual bodies are NBA-ready.

The most intriguing players tomorrow may end up being Jeremy Tyler and Tobias Harris. Tyler skipped his senior year of high school for two difficult years trying to play outide the United States. Things didn't go well on the court for Tyler who was once touted to be the top player in his class. It appears he has shown well in his pre-draft work though and will surely be drafted at some point. But can he crack the first round?

Harris left Tennessee after his Freshman season and seems to always show up favorably in pre-draft workout reports. While he has some physical growing to do, the NBA-level talent appears to be there for Harris.

If nothing else, it seems like these six players could put on some solid 3-on-3 games while trying to show the Pacers they are ready to produce at the NBA level.