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David Morway Offers His Take On Pacers' Offseason, His Future

Lost last night in the Osama Bin Laden news was an appearance by Indiana Pacers general manager, David Morway on WTHR's Sports Jam. Fortunately his appearance is available on YouTube (seriously, subscribe to Magic Rat's YouTube channel).

Suddenly, it seems like it is every man for himself at the Fieldhouse. While news broke yesterday about the Pacers looking outside of the organization for possible leaders, leaving Morway's tenure with the Pacers in tenuous shape even if Larry Bird returns, Morway made sure his voice was heard on the situation.

During his two segments on the show, Morway made his case for not just remaining as GM but also being ready to assume Bird's role as president of basketball operation if Bird did not return. At one point he appeared to give the indication that Bird's return was doubtful, although he was answering questions about his status so that context should be taken into consideration.

Morway also painted a positive picture for the state of the Pacers moving forward which included a familiar description of Lance Stephenson's potential and a Stanko Barac mention. Stanko mentions are rare from the Pacers but Morway described him as the best center outside the NBA in the world.

Mowary didn't seem as relaxed and smooth as he usually does in these interview situation. Instead he seemed a bit on edge, as if he was ready to fight for his job. Although, I guess that fight has already started.