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IC Cold Links: Pacers Offseason Off And Running; Heat, Grizzlies Win Openers

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After reading the initial report on the Indiana Pacers making initial contact with the San Antonio Spurs about assistant general Manager Dennis Lindsey, I was expecting an on the record round of denials from all involved.

To my surprise, Mike Wells not only confirmed the story but advanced it with more thoughts on the Pacers preparing for anything to happen after Larry Bird and Herb Simon meet to discuss the go-forward plan for both.

Jim Morris doesn't normally mingle in the basketball side of things but there is no one on the basketball side of PS&E in position to begin the process of looking outside the organization for a general manager. We also learn that Kevin Pritchard is under consideration which is no surprise.

It has been assumed that Bird would take a pay cut of some sort to remain president of the Pacers, but just how much of a cut, if any, Bird is willing to take has to be a factor in the decision by both Bird and Simon. I just wish they would start figuring it out. Hopefully these reports will hasten the talks between Bird and Simon to generate a resolution to the first domino to fall this offseason.

Also, round two of the NBA playoffs tipped off yesterday with a couple of statement Game Ones. The Memphis Grizzlies have assumed the mantle of the cute and cuddly new team making a splash by dismantling the Oklahoma City Thunders, formerly the cute and cuddly new team making a splash. Although, the Grizz aren't exactly cute and cudly, they're just good.

The Miami Heat held serve in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics setting up what could be a fabulous series between the two heavyweights. The C's have some work to do, though. For one, Rajon Rondo has to be a difference maker for Boston and yesterday he didn't make a difference. Here's to a long and chippy series!

After the jump, a few links of interest from around the league.