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NBA Mock Drafts Show Variety Of Options At 15th Pick For Pacers

There is a certain and beautiful rhythm to the NBA calendar. While top teams continue their playoff battles for the LOB trophy, the rest of the teams begin focusing on the NBA draft.

The NBA draft lottery is always a big milestone, obviously since it sets the draft order at the top of the draft. The next step following the lottery is the first round of mock drafts. These mocks take team needs into account even if the player evaluation material is thin prior to the NBA combine and team workouts.

But that doesn't make it any less intriguing. The Indiana Pacers are picking 15th in the draft which isn't a horrible spot in this draft since it seems like the early consensus is that there may not be any superstar picks for the top of the draft, but there are plenty of solid players capable of contributing in the NBA which should leave the Pacers plenty of options to help upgrade their depth.

Projecting which player the Pacers might pick is no easy task, though. Combine the pool of options mentioned above along with the fact that the Pacers could use a power forward or guard to fill their needs on the roster and plenty of names rise to the surface at 15. After the jump, check out a sampling of nine mock drafts which have seven different players slotted for the Pacers.

Must say, I'm not too excited about the guard options at this point, even though Klay Thompson can fill it up. Guess I would much prefer going bigger. Feel free to add a link to any other mock drafts with the player for the Pacers in the comments.